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Customizable Wireless Remote Control for Collaborative Medical Diagnosis and Teaching

  • Rajasvaran Logeswaran
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Effective collaborative diagnosis, in a presentation environment, requires the presenter’s ability to control equipment at a distance. Conventional remote control multimedia presenters suffice for basic functionality of presentation applications. However, such factory-made remote controls are not particularly useful for a wider variety of applications, especially in the medical field where effective use of the systems and applications require the use of different keys. This paper reports the development of a USB (universal serial bus) remote control with customizable buttons, using RF (radio frequency) technology and allowing for effective control for a large range of manipulations on a workstation. Description of the implementation ideas and results achieved in the development of the firmware and hardware for such a technological tool for use in improving collaborative medical diagnosis and teaching are presented in this article.


Human–computer interface Customizable technology system Improved joint diagnosis Remote control Presentation tool 



This paper is supported by the Soongsil University Research Fund. The author wishes to thank S.K. Ch’ng and Z.C. Yong for their assistance in the implementation of the USB-RF remote control presenter.


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