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Leafing through Kangaroos

Australia’s Amazing Kangaroos. Their Conservation, Unique Biology, and Coexistence with Humans. By Ken Richardson. Collingwood, Australia: CSIRO Publishing. 2012. 240 pp., $(Aust) 49.95 (paper). ISBN 9780643097391
  • Sandrine Ladevèze
Book Review

This is a beautiful, full-color illustrated overview of the biology, ecology, and conservation of emblematic Australian animals, the kangaroos. Kangaroos, in the view of the author, Ken Richardson, a zoologist and veterinarian with over 30 years field experience, encompass both kangaroos proper and their relatives (Macropodiformes), such as wallabies, rat-kangaroos, bettongs, potoroos, etc. Whereas nearly everyone knows this marsupial grasshopper, few are aware of the large number of species its group encompasses: 71, from the amazing tree-kangaroo to the cute quokka. The diversity in kangaroos is indeed considerable, in terms of body sizes, ecologies, and behaviors. This book, which is accessible to general readers, will provide a crucial insight in the life of the kangaroos as well as an engaged discussion on the interactions between people and kangaroos, and the controversies about the control of their population numbers.

The first chapter starts by providing general facts about...

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