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Horses Through The Ages

Marjan Mashkour (ed), Equids in Time and Space: Papers in Honour of Véra Eisenmann. Oxford: Oxbow Books. 2006. 240 pp., $90.00 (cloth). ISBN 10-1-84217-125-9
  • Eric Scott
Book Review

Honoring a renowned specialist in studies of ancient horses, Equids in Time and Space: Papers in Honour of Véra Eisenmann edited by Marjan Mashkour includes 18 chapters by 22 international paleontologists, archaeologists, anatomists, historians, and other experts on living and extinct Equus and related horse relatives. There is also an introduction providing a brief review of Dr. Eisenmann’s life and career. The volume is not without some substantial flaws, but remains a useful acquisition for anyone interested in the history and prehistory of these important animals.

The book is hardcover and oversize. Typeface is generally clean and sharp; figures are grayscale and of varying quality, depending upon the author(s). The volume is divided into five more or less equally-weighted sections: geographic distribution, Paleolithic horses, domestication, methodology, and anthropozoology. Equids earlier than the latest Tertiary and Quaternary are not discussed in any detail, reflecting Dr....


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