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Chemical Pathology in the Movies: Extraordinary Measures, directed by Tom Vaughan, 2010

  • Michelle (k/a Mikhaila) Muscat

It is refreshing to view a movie which deals with a lesser known malady, an inborn error of metabolism that forms part of a subset of diseases of interest to the chemical pathologist. The 2010 medical drama, Extraordinary Measures, directed by Tom Vaughan, follows the quest and struggle of a father, John Crowley, to save his own children, Megan and Patrick, who have the rare condition of Pompe’s disease. The events narrated in this movie are based on a true story, albeit with some changes made for the film adaptation. The movie character, Dr. Stonehill, is modeled on Dr William Canfield, a medical doctor with a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology and an expert in glycobiology.

Pompe’s disease, or glycogen storage disease type 2, is inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion and is due to acid maltase deficiency (also referred to as acid alpha-glucosidase). This enzyme is responsible for catalyzing the lysosomal cleavage of glycogen to glucose at either the 1-4 or 1-6 position....

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