Journal of Medical Humanities

, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp 85–91 | Cite as

Queer in the Clinic

  • Lance Wahlert
  • Autumn Fiester


Beginning with a rumination on the AIDS-inspired poetry of Thom Gunn, this article by the guest editors introduces the special issue of the Journal of Medical Humanities titled “Queer in the Clinic.” After providing an overview of the historical legacy and contemporary dilemmas of LGBTQ persons in biomedical practice, the authors describe the rationale of the issue and the contributions included.


LGBTQ health Queer bioethics Homosexuality Transgender studies Intersexism Queer theory Thom Gunn 



Our greatest thanks goes to the contributors of this special issue on “Queer in the Clinic,” all of whom provided exceptional pieces on LGBTQ health and demonstrated great patience as we finalized the issue. Special thanks goes to Sarah Dowling and Sharrona Pearl who organized our poetry and graphic arts sections, respectively. Lastly, endless thanks to the Journal of Medical Humanities editorial team, especially Kathleen Pachucki, Belle Mojado, and Editor-in-Chief Therese Jones, all of whom shepherded and championed this special issue from inception to completion.


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