Removal of Bisphenol-A from Aqueous Samples Using Graphene Oxide Assimilated Magnetic Silica Polyaniline Composite


In the present study, magnetic graphene oxide assimilated magnetic silica polyaniline (Fe3O4@SiO2@PANI-GO) was synthesized using co-precipitation, oxidative polymerization and modified Hummer’s method for Fe3O4, PANI and GO preparation. The resultant adsorbent was characterized using SEM, EDX and FTIR. The structure of the composite has high affinity for the aromatic compounds due to π–π interaction, n-π interaction and hydrogen bonding. Therefore, the composite was investigated for the removal of bisphenol-A from water samples with magnetic solid phase extraction. The effect of parameters such as solution pH (2–10), amount of adsorbent (10–120 mg), time (10–300 min), temperature (20–100 °C) and bisphenol-A concentration (25–750 µg/mL) were studied. At optimum conditions, the composite showed good Langmuir adsorption capacity (454.56 mg/g) and the adsorption process followed pseudo-second-order-kinetic model. Thermodynamic parameters ΔG° was negative, suggested that the adsorption process was spontaneous, exothermic (ΔH° = − 13.3 kJ/mol) and diffusion controlled (Ea = − 13.03 kJ/mol). The stability and reusability of the proposed adsorbent was checked with successive adsorption and desorption cycles and the results demonstrated that the composite had great potential for the adsorption of bisphenol-A from environmental water for treatment of wastewater.

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  • Fe3O4@SiO2@PANI-GO
  • Magnetic composite
  • Bisphenol-A
  • Adsorption
  • Desorption