Studies on the Structural, Morphological, Optical, Electro Chemical and Antimicrobial Activity of Bare, Cu and Ag @ WO3 Nanoplates by Hydrothermal Method



Hydrothermal synthesis eases the lopsided growth of monoclinic bare, Cu and Ag @ WO3 nanoplates that exhibit good physic-chemical, optical and electro chemical properties. The powder X-ray diffraction patterns reveals that the synthesized samples WO3 samples are in monoclinic structure. The 2 mol% of Cu and Ag dopants were increases the crystallinity and the predominant peaks are shifted to higher glancing angles. The variations observed in lattice parameter values indicate the incorporation of dopants in the WO3 crystal lattice. The FESEM and HRTEM images revealed nanoplate morphology with the particle size range 100–200 nm of diameter and 200–300 nm of thickness. The prominent absorption peak of bare, Cu and Ag @ WO3 nanoplates were observed in visible region at 332, 326 and 323 nm respectively. The strong continuous from luminescence emission peaks were observed in blue to yellow region with optimal intensity. The electro chemical property was studied using cyclic voltammetry which reveals quick electron transfer accessed in Cu and Ag doped materials. The antimicrobial activity of synthesized bare, Cu and Ag @ WO3 was investigated on the gram positive, gram negative and fungus strains and observed efficiency of inhibition is exclusively explained.


Tungsten oxide CV EIS Antimicrobial activity 



The author is grateful to the Department of Science and Technology (DST) for extending financial assistance to carry out this work.


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