Magnetic Zinc Ferrite–Chitosan Bio-Composite: Synthesis, Characterization and Adsorption Behavior Studies for Cationic Dyes in Single and Binary Systems

  • Mukesh Kumar
  • Harmanjit Singh Dosanjh
  • Harminder Singh


Nowadays, biopolymers are widely used to modify the surface of ferrites because of their unique properties such as high adsorption capacity, selectivity, bio-compatible, eco-friendly and cost-effective nature. Therefore, this study involves the development of novel recyclable magnetic zinc ferrite–chitosan (ZFN–CS) bio-composite under ambient environmental conditions and used as adsorbent to remove crystal violet and brilliant green dyes in single and binary systems. The bio-composite’s surface morphology and characterization was characterized by using different techniques like fourier transform infra-red, X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscope, energy dispersive spectra, BET, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, differential thermal and thermo gravimetric analysis and pH point zero charge (pHzpc). The adsorption kinetics and isotherm studies at different temperatures of magnetic bio-composite in single as well as binary dye systems revealed that zinc ferrite–chitosan might serve as a suitable eco-friendly adsorbent for the removal of dyes in single as well as binary systems. Also, the regeneration ability of magnetic bio-composite was studied in both dye systems for five successive cycles which showed good reusability of the ZFN–CS composite. The present investigation concluded that magnetic ZFN–CS composite might be suitable and cost effective alternative for the removal of dyes in single as well as binary dye systems.


Zinc ferrite Chitosan Surface modification Binary dye system Dye removal Regeneration 



The authors are thankful to sophisticated instrumentation facilities of IIT Mumbai, Bangalore Institute of Technology and Central University of Punjab, Bathinda for carrying out analysis of TEM, EDS, XRD, XPS, TG-DTG and BET. We are also thankful to Lovely Professional University for providing infrastructure and chemicals for carrying out this research.

Supplementary material

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