Two New Nickel, Cobalt Coordination Polymers Based on Flexible 1,3-bis((1H-imidazolyl)-methyl)benzene Ligand: Syntheses, Structures and Magnetic Properties

  • Xiaofei Xue
  • Yuqi Liu
  • Yubo Xing
  • Xinying Wang
  • Wei Li


Two new coordination polymers, namely, [Ni(HIP)(m-bix)(H2O)]n (1), {[Co2(oba)2(m-bix)2]·H2O}n (2) (m-bix = 1,3-bis(1H-imidazolyl)-methyl)benzene, H2HIP = 5-hydroxyisophthalic acid, oba = 4,4-oxybisbenzoic acid), were synthesized under hydrothermal conditions by reactions of transition metal salts of Ni(OAc)2 and Co(OAc)2 with the N-heterocyclic m-bix. There structures were characterized by techniques of single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis, elemental analysis, infrared spectra (IR) and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA). Complex 1 and 2 both exhibit a 2D 4-connected sql network with the topology symbol of (44·62) and are further extending into a 3D architecture via O–H⋅⋅⋅O hydrogen bonds. Moreover, the solid state magnetic properties of complex 1 and 2 have been investigated.

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This work was financially supported by the Scientific Research Foundation for the Introduced Talents of Kunming University of Science and Technology (No. KKSY201507026), the Analysis Testing Fund of Kunming University of Science and Technology (No. 2017T20040109, No. 2017M20152111048), the Joint Fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China and Yunnan (Grant No. U1502273), and the State Key Laboratory of Complex Nonferrous Metal Resources Clean Utilization, Kunming 650093 (Grant No. CNMRCUKF1606).

Supplementary material

10904_2017_742_MOESM1_ESM.cif (205 kb)
Appendix A. Supplementary material CCDC 1564090 and 1564092 contain the supplementary crystallographic data for complexes 1 and 2. The data can be obtained free of charge via /cif. (CIF 205 KB)
10904_2017_742_MOESM2_ESM.cif (35 kb)
Supplementary material 2 (CIF 35 KB)


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