Synthesis and Stabilization of Cobalt and Cooper Nanoparticles by Chitosan Bombyx mori

  • N. R. Vokhidova
  • S. Sh. Rashidova


The cobalt and copper nanoparticles were prepared by reduction of metals using the 2-propanol at presence of chitosan Bombyx mori. The structural measurements show that the chitosan molecules prevent the agglomeration and oxidation of metal particles. It was established that chitosan is a nano-reactor and its concentration influences on the size and distribution of NP in a polymeric matrix.


Chitosan Bombyx mori Nanoparticles of cobalt and copper Polymer stabilization 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Polymer Chemistry and Physics Research CenterNational University of UzbekistanTashkentUzbekistan

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