A Novel Co(II) Coordination Polymer Assembled from V-shaped 2,3,2’,3’-Thiodiphthalic Acid and N-donor Ancillary Ligand: Syntheses, Structure and Properties

  • Qing-Qing Xu
  • Deng-Yong Zhu
  • Shuang-Quan Zang


A novel coordination polymer {[Co2(tdpa)(bpe)1.5(H2O)]·(bpe)0.5·(H2O)} n (1) has been hydrothermally synthesized through the reaction of 2,3,2’,3’-thiodiphthalic acid (H4tdpa) with divalent cobalt salt in the presence of ancillary nitrogen ligand (bpe = trans-1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethene) and characterized by IR spectra, elemental analysis and single crystal X-ray diffraction. Due to various coordination modes and conformations of the versatile 2,3,2’,3’-thiodiphthalic acid ligand, the complex exhibits structural and dimensional novelty. In complex 1, metal–organic ribbons (Co-tdpa) are connected together through bpe ligands to generate a three-dimensional (3D) metal–organic framework. The structure of 1 can be described as a (3,6)-connected network with a Schläfli symbol of (42·6)(44·610·8) topology. The thermal stability of the complex 1 was studied by thermal gravimetric analyses (TGA), and the UV−vis absorption property of complex 1 was also investigated.


2 3 2’ 3’-thiodiphthalic acid coordination polymer thermal stability UV−vis 



We gratefully acknowledge financial support by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 20901070 and No. 21371153), Program for Science & Technology Innovation Talents in Universities of Henan Province (NO. 13HASTIT008), and Zhengzhou University (P. R. China).


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