Self-Assembled Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Nanocomposite of a Porphyrin Derivative and CdS

  • Peihua Zhu
  • Lingling Kan
  • Xingkui Guo
  • Xuewei Chen
  • Mingliang Ren
  • Yanli Chen
  • Xiaomei Zhang


A porphyrin derivative, 5-(4-carboxylphenyl)-10,15,20-tris(4-chlorophenyl) porphyrin (PorCOOH), was synthesized and self-assembled as a monolayer thin solid film on the modified surface of a quartz substrate by an ester bond between –COOH groups of PorCOOH molecules and –OH groups of the hydrophilic pretreated SiO2 surface. An analysis of the spectral change revealed the J-aggregate nature of PorCOOH molecules in the obtained thin solid film. With this thin solid film of PorCOOH as a template, CdS nanoparticles were deposited on it in situ, which were further characterized by electronic absorption, fluorescence, and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. The morphology of CdS nanoparticles is disklike, and the diameter is ca. 40–60 nm, determined by scanning electronic microscopy. Furthermore, electron transfer between the organic layer and CdS nanoparticles was deduced through fluorescence quenching and theoretical analysis.


Porphyrin CdS Self-assembly Organic–inorganic hybrid 



Financial support from the Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 21201079), the Education Department of Shandong province (Grant No. J12LD08), and the University of Jinan is gratefully acknowledged.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Peihua Zhu
    • 1
  • Lingling Kan
    • 1
  • Xingkui Guo
    • 1
  • Xuewei Chen
    • 1
  • Mingliang Ren
    • 1
  • Yanli Chen
    • 1
  • Xiaomei Zhang
    • 1
  1. 1.Key Laboratory of Chemical Sensing and Analysis in Universities of Shandong, School of Chemistry and Chemical EngineeringUniversity of JinanJinanChina

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