Macromolecular Conjugates of Methotrexate, Ferrocene and Platinum in Cancer Chemotherapy

  • Alain I. MufulaEmail author
  • Eberhard W. Neuse


Most of the polyaspartamide carrier polymers synthesized in this program, were conjugated with methotrexate (MTX) and with organoiron compound (ferrocene), whereas other polyamides were conjugated with 1,2-diaminocyclohexanediaquaplatinum(II)dinitrate (DACH-Pt aq). The ferrocenylation agent throughout this project was 4-ferrocenylbutanoic acid. MTX and 4-ferrocenylbutanoic acid as well as folic acid were conjugated to pendant amino groups of various polyaspartamide carriers, through amidation reactions, via the HBTU-method. A very satisfactory degree of MTX and Fe were achieved. MTX content found was in range of 10–19% by mass, and Fe content found was in range of 6–13% by mass. The anchoring of platination agent (DACH-Pt aq) proceeded via well established methods involving dihydroxylato ligands. Pt content found was in the range of 6–8% by mass. Platinum incorporation was satisfactory.


Polymer Amine Carrier Polyaspartamide Conjugate Anchoring 



The authors gratefully acknowledge the bursary supports provided by the Foundation for Research Development, NRF, (2007–2008), Bradlow Postgraduate Awards (2006–2009) of this University and the donation of Platinum salt from Angloplatinum.


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