On the Contributions to the Materials Science Aspects of Phosphazene Chemistry by Professor Christopher W. Allen: The One-Pot Synthesis of Linear Polyphosphazenes

  • Eric S. Peterson
  • Thomas A. Luther
  • Mason K. Harrup
  • John R. Klaehn
  • Mark L. Stone
  • Christopher J. Orme
  • Frederick F. Stewart


The wide range of applications for the phosphazene compounds has stimulated a major research effort involving several industrial, academic, and national laboratories over the past 40 years. One of Professor Allen’s research areas was to establish fundamental synthetic methods for the commercial preparation of phosphazene polymers, investigate their properties, and develop useful products. In this paper we review some of the materials science aspects of Professor Allen’s research including recent advances on the preparation and polymerization of Cl3PNP(O)Cl2. This work, in particular, has led to a route for the “one-pot” synthesis of stable linear poly(organophosphazenes) as demonstrated through the formation of poly[bis-(2-methoxyethoxyethoxy)phosphazene] (MEEP) and a phosphazene heteropolymer (HPP) containing a balance of hydrophilic and hydrophobic components that allow for control and molecular affinities.


phosphazenes condensation emsley reaction membranes solid polymer electrolytes 



This work was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy under DOE-NE Idaho Operations Office Contract DE-AC07–05ID14517, and the Internal Research and Development (IR/D) Program at the National Science Foundation for support of ESP.


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  • Eric S. Peterson
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  • Thomas A. Luther
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  • Mason K. Harrup
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  • John R. Klaehn
    • 1
  • Mark L. Stone
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  • Christopher J. Orme
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  • Frederick F. Stewart
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  1. 1.Chemical SciencesIdaho National LaboratoryIdaho FallsUSA

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