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T. Crook and P. A. Kemp (eds): Private rental housing—Comparative perspectives

Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014, 264 pp, ISBN: 9781781954157
  • Kristof Heylen
Book Review

The book ‘Private rental housing: comparative perspectives’ focuses on the nature and role of the private rented sector in eight advanced economies. Following a general introduction, each of the eight countries is put forward in a different chapter, whereas the analysis is structured around common topics. The country chapters are written by national experts on the topic, based on existing literature, policy documents and other statistics. The book is called a ‘sequel’ to another joint publication of the editors (Tony Crook and Peter A. Kemp) called ‘Private Landlordism in Transition,’ issued in 2011. In this book, the efforts of the British government were examined for creating a more ‘modern’ form of landlordism, including a rise of ownership in private renting by corporate landlords. Related to this work, the editors wanted to better understand similarities and differences in the role of the private rented sector (PRS) in different countries, and the impact on it of the credit boom...

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