Jerome I. Hodos: Second cities: globalization and local politics in Manchester and Philadelphia

Temple University Press, Philadelphia, PA, 264 pp, ISBN-978-1-4399-0231-8
  • David P. Varady
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A lot has been written about the world’s important global cities, e.g. New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, which are distinguished from other cities by the presence of corporate headquarters and advanced producer services such as law, accounting and architecture. Far less attention has been given to “second cities,” i.e. large regional cities that lack corporate headquarters and international financial services, like Baltimore, Boston, San Francisco, Liverpool, and Birmingham. Second Citiesby Jerome Hodos compares two “second cities,” Philadelphia and Manchester, over a 180 year time period. Hodos chose these two cities to provide the oldest historical perspectives possible. Existing research names six second cities in the United States and sixteen outside the US. (Chicago, labeled America’s “second city” by A.J. Liebling, is today considered a global city because of its economic growth over the past 30 years. During the latter half of the nineteenth century and much of the 20th, Glasgow...


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