Curtis, S: Space, place and mental health

Ashgate, London, 2010, 316 pp., 978-0-7546-7331-6
  • James Fagg
Book Review

In Space, Place and Mental Health, Sarah Curtis aims to explore the salience of the core geographical concepts of space and place for mental health. Conceptualising space, place and mental health widely, research is drawn from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds; indeed, achieving an interdisciplinary synthesis to move the debate forward is a stated aim. Chapters stand alone, but a framework built around a set of metaphorical ‘landscapes’ also supports the overall narrative effectively. An overview for researchers from geography, and particularly health geography, epidemiology, sociology, psychology and psychiatry at the very least, this book is ideal for those aiming to gain a critically informed overview of the inter-relationships between mental health and its wider determinants. The audience should also include postgraduates and professionals across architecture, urban planning, health care provision, public health and mental health care.

The broad substantive structure of the...

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