Book Review

  • Peter A. Kemp
Book Review

Jago Dodson, Government Discourse and Housing, Ashgate, Aldershot, 2007, pp. 295, ISBN 978-0-7546-4207-7

Over the last decade there has been growing interest in the use of discourse analysis within housing and urban studies. Government Discourse and Housing by Jago Dodson represents an important contribution to that emerging body of work.

In Chapter 1, the author briefly sets out his stall. He believes that housing scholarship has been characterised by “a form of bland empiricism” (p. 1) and claims that there have been few attempts to examine the ‘state’ and the ‘market’ as analytical categories or to consider housing policy processes at a close level of detail.

In Chapter 2, the author presents a critique of previous, theoretically-informed housing scholarship. This selective review includes the work of Michael Ball, Mike Berry, Jim Kemeny and Sophie Watson. While he recognises that these authors have made important and influential contributions to housing scholarship, Dodson believes...

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