Table 3 Summarizing key differences and similarities between gambling and gaming communities in relation to gambling and monetary gaming

From: The Role of Virtual Communities in Gambling and Gaming Behaviors: A Systematic Review

  Gambling Gaming
External communities Gambling-related discussion forums (e.g., for discussions on gambling in general, gambling tips and problem gambling) Game-specific discussion forums, game review forums
In-game communities In-game interaction tools in online poker and social casino games Community aspect inherently embedded
(e.g., in MMORPGs)
In-game community aspect not central
Community role in gambling/monetary gaming Normalize gambling and involve risks for excessive gambling In-game interaction is an essential part of gaming experience
Feedback from the community helps to develop poker skills Identifying with a gaming community drives game-related purchase intentions
Reinforce gambler identities Gamers help each other to better game performance and provide information of virtual items
Utilizing in-game interaction is associated with non-problematic forms of gambling Reinforce gamer identities
Community role in problematic gambling/monetary gaming Critical feedback from the community may protect from maladaptive gambling habits Not examined in the included studies
Peer-support in gambling problem forums helps to cope with one’s gambling problem and aiming for recovery
Important in (re)constructing problem gambler identities