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  • Rebecca Nagy

Bonnie LeRoy, editor, Journal of Genetic Counseling

The following is the Presidential Address of Rebecca Nagy, 2013 president of the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC). This address was given at the annual educational conference of the NSGC in October of 2012. As incoming president, Ms. Nagy identifies a major challenge for the profession; that is to produce more practitioners to meet the needs of our future patients and families. This is a need that will continue to grow given the tremendous amount of genetic information that will be available with emerging technologies. The future of genetic counseling is indeed, very exciting!

2013 NSGC Incoming Presidential Address: Walk with me

It is such a pleasure and truly an honor to be here today. I grew up about 45 min north of here in a town called Nashua, New Hampshire. I migrated to the Midwest after high school and have been there ever since, but spent all of my formative years in New England. My brother attended Boston...

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