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2012 National Society of Genetic Counselors Presidential Address: Maintaining Our Professional Identity in an Ever-Expanding Genetics Universe

  • Brenda Finucane

Good morning, everyone. I am thrilled to be here and honored to be selected as your 2012 NSGC president. I would first like to thank and acknowledge Karin Dent, outgoing President, and Meghan Carey, NSGC’s Executive Director, without whom I would never have felt prepared to take on this daunting role.

I’m going to talk today about how I’ve seen our profession grow over the past 26 years that I’ve been in practice. My career has veered off in a direction that one would not traditionally think of as genetic counseling, and yet I still maintain my identity as a genetic counselor. When I graduated from the Sarah Lawrence College program in 1985, there were only two career options for graduates: prenatal and pediatric genetic counseling. Yet look at where we are today! In the ever-expanding universe of genetics, our field has branched out into many different areas of professional practice, including cancer genetics, personalized medicine, fetal therapy, education, research, and...


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