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Presidential Address

Presidential Address

We Have Vision

Incoming Presidential Address at NSGC AEC 10/17/10

Karin M. Dent, MS, CGC

It is my great pleasure to be here today.

I have a secret.

I wanted to do this one day; I wanted to be president of NSGC. I first allowed myself to think about it just after grad school when I heard an incoming presidential address at the AEC in 1998. I thought, wow, I would love to be in that position some day. That must be the coolest job, representing our profession! What an honor. But then I thought that will never happen. I’m not that kind of person! I couldn’t lead an organization and get up in front of everyone to give a speech!

But today after more than 10 years of dedicating myself to our profession and my patients, I think that I do have the experience. And here I am, in front of everyone giving a speech.

I am also passionate enough, and excited enough for all the rest to fall in to place. And I want you to be excited about our future with me.

Several years ago, National Public Radio...

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