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Introduction to Diversity Essays

  • Bonnie S. LeRoy
  • Pat McCarthy Veach

The National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) membership committee awards scholarships to two genetic counseling students who are planning to attend the Annual Education Conference. These awards are made to students who contribute in various ways towards efforts to increase diversity of the profession.

The Journal is pleased to publish essays by Deborah Barragan and Cherise Klotz, the 2008 recipients of the NSGC diversity scholarships. These students were awarded scholarships based in part on their essays. Their personal stories exemplify the importance of diversifying the NSGC membership. Diversity remains a critical concern for the profession, as evidenced by the recent Mittman and Downs’ article [Volume 17(4), 2008] and by the Letters to the Editor in this issue. We hope you enjoy reading these materials.

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