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Stoichiometrically Different Inclusion Complexes of 2-Aminofluorene and 2-Amino-9-Hydroxyfluorene in β-Cyclodextrin: A Spectrofluorimetric Study

  • I. V. Muthu Vijayan Enoch
  • M. Swaminathan
Original Paper


β-cyclodextrin (β-CDx) forms inclusion complexes with 2-aminofluorene (2AF) and 2-amino-9-hydroxyfluorene (2AHF) in different stoichiometries (Guest-host ratio 1:1 and 1:2 respectively) which is discussed on the basis of study by absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy. The ground and the excited state acidity constants for the neutral‒monocation equilibrium of the two fluorophores in aqueous β-CDx medium are determined by spectrophotometric and fluorimetric titration methods respectively. The dual fluorescence observed for 2AHF monocation in aqueous solution is due to the formation of monocation-water exciplex. This monocation-water exciplex formation is hindered in β-CDx solution by the inclusion complexation. Based on the results obtained, the structures of the inclusion complexes are proposed.


2-aminofluorene 2-amino-9-hydroxyfluorene β-Cyclodextrin Fluorescence Fluorimetric titration Excited state acidity constants 



We are thankful to the University Grants Commission for their financial assistance (Project No. 200.F.49) and to the National Centre for Ultrafast Processes, University of Madras, Chennai for their help in taking fluorescence lifetime measurements.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of ChemistryAnnamalai UniversityAnnamalainagarIndia
  2. 2.Muthayammal college of Arts and Science, RasipuramNamakkal DistrictIndia

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