The Journal of Ethics

, Volume 9, Issue 1–2, pp 171–199 | Cite as

The Cosmopolitan Imperative: Global Justice Through Accountable Integration

  • Luis Cabrera


Cosmopolitan political theorists hold that our obligations to distribute resources to others do not halt at state borders, but most do not advocate a restructuring of the global system to achieve their distributive aims. This article argues that promoting democratically accountable economic and political integration between states would be the most effective way to enable cosmopolitan, or routine, tax-financed, trans-state distributions. Movement toward a more integrated global system should encourage the view that larger sets of persons have interests in common that should be protected and promoted in common. Democratically accountable integration also should enable those within less-affluent states to more vigorously press trans-state distributive claims. The still-evolving E.U. is examined as a partial model for the integrated alternative in other geographic regions, as well as, in the much longer term, for some form of democratic global government capable of ensuring that any person born anywhere would have access to adequate resources and life opportunities.


cosmopolitan global poverty human rights sovereignty world government 


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  1. 1.Department of Social and Behavioral SciencesArizona State University WestPhoenixUSA

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