Determination of the Thermal Efficiency and Height of the Blocks of Countercurrent Cooling Tower Sprinklers

The problem of calculating the thermal efficiency of the liquid and gaseous phases in a countercurrent fi lm-type cooling tower has been solved. From the joint solution of the heat balance equation and expressions for the thermal efficiencies of the cooling tower liquid and gaseous phases, the relationship between the efficiencies of water cooling and air heating in the blocks of sprinklers has been established. At the given temperature regime of water cooling and thermodynamic state of moist air, the thermal efficiency of the liquid phase was determined and then the obtained relation was used to determine the thermal efficiency of the gas phase to be provided by the blocks of sprinklers. To calculate the efficiency of the blocks of sprinklers, a cellular model of flow structure was used. An expression is obtained for calculating the height of the blocks at the given efficiency of the gas phase and construction characteristics of packing and of water and air flow rates. Agreement with experimental data is shown, and the algorithm of calculation is given.

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Correspondence to A. G. Laptev.

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Translated from Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnal, Vol. 93, No. 3, pp. 715–721, May–June, 2020.

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Laptev, A.G., Lapteva, E.A. Determination of the Thermal Efficiency and Height of the Blocks of Countercurrent Cooling Tower Sprinklers. J Eng Phys Thermophy 93, 693–699 (2020).

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  • flow structure
  • regular packings
  • fi lm-type cooling towers
  • thermal efficiency