Comprehensive Investigation of Separating Flows in the Area of Disk and Cone Stabilizers of Strikers Launched from Ballistic Installations

The distinctive features of separating flows occurring during the use of various ring shields and cone stabilizers to ensure a steady flight of rod strikers have been investigated. The investigations were carried out using numerical calculations, weight tests in a supersonic wind tunnel, and artillery-type ballistic tests. Data on the geometry of separation areas have been obtained, values of the aerodynamic coefficients have been identified, and an assessment of the steadiness of structures′ flight has been made, which has been confirmed by ballistic tests under real conditions. Analysis of the conducted mass experiments has shown the possibility of using the investigated aerodynamic devices for stabilizing high-aspect-ratio strikers at short distances under the conditions of high-level disturbances.

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Correspondence to V. M. Zakharov.

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Translated from Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnal, Vol. 93, No. 3, pp. 606–614, May–June, 2020.

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  • separating (detached) flows
  • stabilizer
  • rod striker
  • aerodynamic coefficients
  • steadiness of flight
  • compression shock
  • shadowgraph of fluid flow