Pulse Method of Mass Transfer Intensification in Elastic Channels

  • V. L. Malyshev

The kinetics of internal mass transfer in the course of evaporation of liquids in elastic capillary systems in which the transverse dimensions of the pores can both decrease and increase on exposure to intense thermal effect is investigated. Structural transformations in a material arise as a result of its dehydration. It is assumed that the channel radius changes simultaneously over the entire length, synchronously with the interface motion. Three schemes are possible in principle: a uniform change during the process, a faster change in the initial stage, and, conversely, a faster change in the closing stage. The time-limited additional thermal effect during the period that makes the main contribution to the overall duration of the process is capable of substantially enhancing mass transfer with minimum energy consumption.


mass transfer elastic channels thermal effect 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Mogilev State University of ProvisionsMogilevBelarus

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