On the basically single-type excitation source of resonance in the wind tunnel and in the hydroturbine channel of a hydraulic power plant

  • R. K. Karavosov
  • A. G. Prozorov
Hydrogasdynamics in Technological Processes

We have investigated the spectra of pressure pulsations in the near field of the open working section of the wind tunnel with a vortex flow behind the tunnel blower formed like the flow behind the hydroturbine of a hydraulic power plant. We have made a comparison between the measurement data for pressure pulsations and the air stream velocity in tunnels of the above type and in tunnels in which a large-scale vortex structure behind the blower is not formed. It has been established that the large-scale vortex formation in the incompressible medium behind the blade system in the wind tunnel is a source of narrow-band acoustic radiation capable of exciting resonance self-oscillations in the tunnel channel.


self-oscillations acoustic radiation wind tunnel vortex structure blower hydroturbine hydroacoustic resonance ring vortex self-excitation sound level meter 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Prof. N. E. Zhukovskii Central Aerohydrodynamic InstituteMoscow RegionRussia

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