Development of Certain Aspects of the A. V. Luikov Heat- and Mass-Transfer Theory

  • G. S. Shubin


It has been proposed that A. V. Luikov's system of heat- and mass-transfer equations be supplemented with balance differential equations of change in the temperature and degree of saturation of a medium with its motion in the material for an a priori unknown character of their change. The approach to determination of the relative coefficient of thermal diffusion, the criterion of phase transition, and the value of the Fo number for the beginning of the stage of a regular regime of a one- and two-dimensional plate and to evaluation of the notion of the “soft” and “hard” processes of drying has been refined. The method of allowance for the multidimensionality of a body has been developed. The practical absence of the influence of moisture exchange on heat exchange in drying has been proved.


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