Longtime Dynamics of a Semilinear Lamé System


This paper is concerned with longtime dynamics of semilinear Lamé systems

$$\begin{aligned} \partial ^2_t u - \mu \Delta u - (\lambda + \mu ) \nabla \mathrm{div} u + \alpha \partial _t u + f(u) = b, \end{aligned}$$

defined in bounded domains of \({\mathbb {R}}^3\) with Dirichlet boundary condition. Firstly, we establish the existence of finite dimensional global attractors subjected to a critical forcing f(u). Writing \(\lambda + \mu \) as a positive parameter \(\varepsilon \), we discuss some physical aspects of the limit case \(\varepsilon \rightarrow 0\). Then, we show the upper-semicontinuity of attractors with respect to the parameter when \(\varepsilon \rightarrow 0\). To our best knowledge, the analysis of attractors for dynamics of Lamé systems has not been studied before.

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The authors thank the anonymous referee for his/her comments and remarks that improved the previous version of this paper.


L. E. Bocanegra-Rodríguez was supported by CAPES, finance code 001 (Ph.D. Scholarship). M. A. Jorge Silva was partially supported by Fundação Araucária Grant 066/2019 and CNPq Grant 301116/2019-9. T. F. Ma was partially supported by CNPq Grant 312529/2018-0 and FAPESP Grant 2019/11824-0. P. N. Seminario-Huertas was fully supported by INCTMat-CAPES Grant 88887.507829/2020-00.

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Correspondence to Paulo Nicanor Seminario-Huertas.

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  • System of elasticity
  • Global attractor
  • Gradient system
  • Upper-semicontinuity

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  • 35B41
  • 74H40
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