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Minimum covering with travel cost


Given a polygon and a visibility range, the Myopic Watchman Problem with Discrete Vision (MWPDV) asks for a closed path P and a set of scan points \(\mathcal{S}\), such that (i) every point of the polygon is within visibility range of a scan point; and (ii) path length plus weighted sum of scan number along the tour is minimized. Alternatively, the bicriteria problem (ii′) aims at minimizing both scan number and tour length. We consider both lawn mowing (in which tour and scan points may leave P) and milling (in which tour, scan points and visibility must stay within P) variants for the MWPDV; even for simple special cases, these problems are NP-hard.

We show that this problem is NP-hard, even for the special cases of rectilinear polygons and L scan range 1, and negligible small travel cost or negligible travel cost. For rectilinear MWPDV milling in grid polygons we present a 2.5-approximation with unit scan range; this holds for the bicriteria version, thus for any linear combination of travel cost and scan cost. For grid polygons and circular unit scan range, we describe a bicriteria 4-approximation. These results serve as stepping stones for the general case of circular scans with scan radius r and arbitrary polygons of feature size a, for which we extend the underlying ideas to a \(\pi(\frac{r}{a}+\frac{r+1}{2})\) bicriteria approximation algorithm. Finally, we describe approximation schemes for MWPDV lawn mowing and milling of grid polygons, for fixed ratio between scan cost and travel cost.

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Correspondence to Christiane Schmidt.

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A preliminary extended abstract of this paper appears in Fekete et al. (2009). A 4-page abstract based on Sects. 3 and 4 of this paper appeared in the informal and non-selective workshop “EuroCG”, March 2009 (Fekete and Schmidt 2009).

Joseph S.B. Mitchell is partially supported by the National Science Foundation (CCF-0528209, CCF-0729019), Metron Aviation, and NASA Ames.

Christiane Schmidt is supported by DFG Focus Program “Algorithm Engineering” (SPP 1307) project “RoboRithmics” (Fe 407/14-1).

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