First Principles Study of Structure, Alloying and Electronic Properties of Mg-doped CuAg Nanoalloys


Structure, alloying and electronic properties of Mg-doped Cu\(_n\)Ag\(_{13-n}\) nano-clusters have been studied for all compositions, using first principles density functional theory. Similar to the undoped CuAg clusters, the Mg-doped clusters also retain core-shell structural pattern. Interestingly, the Mg-doping has increased the alloying property by inducing enhanced charge transfer among the constituting Cu as well as Ag atoms and thereby hybridization of their valence orbitals. Furthermore, the Mg-doping in the CuAg nano-cluster alters the electronic structure of the host clusters by shifting the \(d-\)band center towards the Fermi level, which facilitates Ag oxidation process and accelerates the antibacterial property of the CuAg nano-alloys.

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The author thanks Department of Science and Technology, India for support through INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship, Grant No. IFA12-PH-27. The author also acknowledges exciting discussions with Prof. Tanusri Saha-Dasgupta.

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  • Cu-Ag nanoalloys
  • Mg-doping
  • DFT
  • Enhanced alloying
  • Shifting of \(d-\)band center