Geometric and Optical Properties of Cluster Model of Yb-doped Silica Optical Fiber


Based on the 6-membered ring cluster model, geometric and optical properties of cluster model of Yb-doped silica optical fiber is researched by using first-principles calculations. It can be revealed that the interstitial Yb-doped model is geometrically and optically closer to the local structures of Yb-doped silica optical fibers. In interstitial Yb-doped model, the coordination number of Yb to O is 6, and the oscillator strengths of excited levels are stronger than the substitutional Yb-doped model. We construct the Yb–Al co-doped and Yb–P co-doped models based on the interstitial Yb-doped model, and calculate the absorption spectra of these co-doped models. It can be proposed that co-doping with Yb and Al is responsible for the ~ 1030 nm absorption.

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This work was supported by the Open Program of State Key Laboratory of Functional Materials for Informatics. We acknowledge the computational support from the Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CSRC).

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  • First-principles
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