Table 2 Demographic data and clinical manifestation before COVID-19 infections in 19 primary immunodeficient patients

From: Impact of SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic on Patients with Primary Immunodeficiency

Primary immunodeficiency categories ID PID diagnosis Gender Age of onset (m) Age of PID diagnosis (m) Infection Autoimmunity Lymphoproliferation Other PID clinical manifestation
Combined immunodeficiencies Non-syndromic combined
P1 SCID F 1 1 URI, LRI LAP Sensitivity to light
P2 SCID M 6 20 LRI
P4 Omenn syndrome M 1.5 2.5 BCGosis, LRI LAP Severe scaling erythematous skin lesions
P6 STK4 M 108 108 Meningitis, cellulitis ITP, AIHA LAP Seizure, neurological disorders
Syndromic combined immunodeficiencies P7 WAS M 4 4 LRI Chronic diarrhea, microcytic thrombocytopenia
P8 ATM M 24 108 URI, LRI Ataxic gait, telangiectasia
P18 DNMT3B M 10 17 URI, LRI LAP Recurrent diarrhea
P19 DNMT3B F 15 28 URI, LRI Recurrent diarrhea, bronchiectasis
Predominantly antibody deficiencies P9 BTK M 36 48 Skin infection, URI, LRI Urticaria, erythematous skin lesions
P10 CVID M 12 240 OME, LRI ITP, AIHA, JIA Recurrent diarrhea, bronchiectasis
P11 HIgM F 36 72 OME, LRI, osteomyelitis HSM FTT, granulomatous inflammatory process in BM
P12 SIgAD M 6 84 OME, LRI, recurrent oral herpes lesions Bronchiectasis
Congenital defects of phagocytes P13 CGD F 36 36 LRI FTT
P14 CYBA M 1 120 URI, LRI Pulmonary granulomatosis lesion Bronchiectasis severe pulmonary fibrosis
Diseases of immune dysregulation P15 RAB27A F 60 106 URI, LRI AIHA HSM Albinism, gray hair, severe anal ulcer, hemophagocytic BM
P16 CD70 F 84 108 URI, LRI Behcet’s disease, alopecia HSM HL
Autoinflammatory disorders P17 IL1RN F 1 4 Cellulitis, dental abscess, gingivitis UC HSM Rash and skin lesions, edema in the right shoulder, chronic diarrhea, severe generalized erythroderma, ascites, anemia, femur swelling
  1. SCID severe combined immunodeficiency, CID combined immunodeficiency, STK4 serine/threonine kinase 4 gene, WAS WASP actin nucleation promoting factor gene, ATM ataxia-telangiectasia mutated gene, BTK Bruton’s tyrosine kinase gene, CYBA cytochrome B-245 alpha chain gene, RAB27A RAS-associated protein 27A gene, CD70 tumor necrosis factor ligand family cluster of differentiation 70 gene, IL1RN interleukin 1 receptor antagonist gene, CVID common variable immunodeficiency, HIgM hyper IgM syndrome, SIgAD selective immunoglobulin A deficiency, CGD chronic granulomatous disease, LRI lower respiratory infections, URI upper respiratory infections, OME otitis media with effusion, AIT autoimmune hypothyroidism, JIA juvenile idiopathic arthritis, AIHA autoimmune hemolytic anemia, ITP immune thrombocytopenic purpura, UC ulcerative colitis, LAP lymphadenopathy, SM splenomegaly, HM hepatomegaly, HSM hepatosplenomegaly, FTT failure to thrive, BM bone marrow aspiration/biopsy, HL Hodgkin’s lymphoma, F female, M male