Journal of Chemical Crystallography

, Volume 35, Issue 2, pp 101–105 | Cite as

C(4) helices, Br⋅sBr interaction and R 4 2 (10) ring in bromoipriflavone

  • Zun-Ting Zhang
  • Xiao-Bing Wang
  • Kai-Bei Yu


The title compound, 8-bromo-7-isopropoxyisoflavone (bromoipriflavone), C18H15O3Br, crystallizes in tetragonal crystal system, space group I41/a with cell constants a = 21.396(2) Å, c = 13.588(2) Å, V = 6220.2(14) Å3 and Z = 16. Bromoipriflavone is composed of a benzopyranone moiety, a phenyl moiety, an isopropoxy group and a bromine atom. The benzopyranone ring is not coplanar with the phenyl ring with a dihedral angle of 55.1. The molecules are stacked into a C(4) helices down [001] via π–π stacking and hydrogen bonds, the C(4) helices are assembled into three-dimensional network via strong Br⋅sBr interactions and synthons R 4 2 (10) formed by two tri-centered C–H⋅sO hydrogen bonds, resulting in a distinctive high-symmetry supramolecule. The title compound was also characterized by IR and 1H NMR.


Ipriflavone bromine crystal structure supramolecule hydrogen bonds π–π stacking 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.School of Chemistry and Materials ScienceShaanxi Normal UniversityXi’anPRC
  2. 2.Analytical CenterChengdu Branch of Chinese Academy of SciencesChengduPRC
  3. 3.School of Chemistry and Materials ScienceShaanxi Normal UniversityXi’anPeople’s Republic of China

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