Long non‐coding RNA AGAP2-AS1 promotes proliferation and metastasis in papillary thyroid cancer by miR-628-5p/KLF12 axis


Long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) AGAP2-AS1 acts as an oncogene in several types of cancers. However, the role and mechanism of AGAP2-AS1 in papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) remain unclear. Thus, in this study, we aimed to explore the role of AGAP2-AS1 in PTC. Our results showed that AGAP2-AS1 was significantly upregulated in PTC tissues. Knockdown of AGAP2-AS1 inhibited the proliferation, migration and invasion of PTC cells. In vivo experiment showed that AGAP2-AS1 knockdown inhibited the tumorigenesis of PTC. MiR-628-5p was found to act as a target miRNA of AGAP2-AS1 in PTC. The expression level of miR-628‐5p in PTC tissues was negatively associated with that of AGAP2-AS1. Inhibition of miR-628-5p attenuated the effects of AGAP2-AS1 knockdown on PTC. Moreover, miR-628-5p directly bound to the 3’UTR of KLF12 and inhibited the expression of KLF12. Knockdown of KLF12 enhanced the inhibitory effects of miR-628-5p on PTC cell proliferation and metastasis. In conclusion, these findings indicated that AGAP2-AS1 exerted an oncogenic role in PTC progression and metastasis. The effects of AGAP2-AS1 might be mediated by the regulation of miR-628-5p/KLF12 axis.

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This work was supported by the Hospital Fund of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University (No.2019ZYTS-04), Xi’an Science and Technology Project (No. 2019114613YX001SF04(5)), the Hospital Clinical Research Project of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University ( XJTU1AF-CRF-2020-014), The Special Reward Fund Project for Technological Transformation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Shaanxi Province (2020, Xiaobao Yao), Key Research and Development Plan of Natural Science in Shaanxi Province (No. 2017SF-151), and the Basic Natural Science Research Program of Shaanxi Province (No. 2017JM8072).

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Zhiwei Zheng and Shaoqiang Zhang designed this manuscript. Chongwen Xu and Yuan Shao wrote this manuscript. Junsong Liu, Xiaobao Yao, Fang Quan, Qian Zhao, Ruimin Zhao performed experiments. Bo Kou, Honghui Li and Peng Han analyzed the data. Xuan Wang and Yanxia Bai revised the language of the manuscript; all the authors approved the manuscript for submission.

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Correspondence to Zhiwei Zheng or Shaoqiang Zhang.

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  • AGAP2-AS1
  • Papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC)
  • Long non‐coding RNA (lncRNA)
  • miR-628-5p
  • KLF12
  • Metastasis