Effect of the Fe2O3 addition on the elastic and gamma-ray shielding features of bismuth sodium-borate glass system


The elastic properties were predicted for four glass samples with chemical compositions xFe2O3 + (25 − x)Bi2O3 + 75Na2B4O7, where x = 5,10, 15, and 20 mol%. The studied glass samples' molar volume and molecular weight were studied based on the chemical composition and the sample density. Moreover, the Makishima–Mackenzie model was applied to predict the studied glass samples' elastic properties. The elastic moduli were observed to increase gradually with the Fe2O3 insertion ratio and the packing density increase. The elastic moduli ranged between 57.67–85.29 GPa, 33.47–65.49 GPa, 23.77–33.24 GPa, and 65.17–109.81 GPa for Young, Bulk, Shear, and Longitudinal moduli, respectively. Moreover, the Monte Carlo simulation code and XCOM software program were applied to predict the main shielding parameters, linear attenuation coefficient (LAC), and mass attenuation coefficient (MAC). The LAC varied between 2.138–0.197 cm−1 and 0.946–0.186 cm−1 for glass samples with 5 and 20 mol% of the Fe2O3 content. Based on the simulated LAC, the half-value layer (HVL), mean free path (mfp), and the radiation protection efficiency (RPE) were estimated. The BXCOM software program was applied to predict the photon accumulation inside the studied glass samples (exposure buildup factor (EBF) and energy absorption buildup factor (EABF)).

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