Impact of N+ ion implantation on the properties of ZnSe thin films


Ion implantation in II–VI semiconducting nanostructures has proven to be an effective tool in tailoring the properties of nanostructures, thus making them a prominent candidate to be used in solar cells, gas sensing, optoelectronic, catalytic and many more applications. The present study is aimed at N+ ion implantation effects on various properties of ZnSe thin films. First, a two-step synthesis was employed to synthesize ZnSe nanoflakes by solvothermal technique which were then drop casted onto glass substrate. The impact of 80 keV N+ ions on ZnSe thin films was explored for structural, morphological, elemental, optical and electrical analysis using characterization tools. The X-ray diffraction study revealed peak intensity variation without any shift in the reflex positions. However, the texture analysis depicted a relative intensity variation along with change in preferred orientation of planes with fluence. The optical study demonstrated a decrement in band gap. The I–V characteristics exhibited an intensification in the current values with the exposed fluence. This decline in band gap and increment in conduction values may be because of decrease in charge carrier scattering by the grain boundaries along with generation of higher number of electron–hole pairs with increasing fluence. The effects of implantation on sample characteristics are described in this contribution along with feasible reasons for observed changes in properties.

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One of the authors (Tripti Gupta) is thankful to UGC, for awarding fellowship to support financially. We yearn to acknowledge the Director (IUAC) New Delhi for providing requisite beam line for the implantation of our samples. Authors also acknowledge NIT Kurukshetra, for making available facilities like XRD, SEM, UV–visible spectrophotometer, PL and I–V measurement facilities.

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