Synthesis and luminescence properties of red-emitting NaBaBi2(PO4)3:Eu3+ phosphors


In this study, a series of Eu3+-doped NaBaBi2(PO4)3 red phosphors were synthesized by high-temperature solid-phase reaction method, and the phase structure and photoluminescence properties of the samples were investigated in detail. All the diffraction peaks of the phosphors with various Eu3+ concentrations are well matched with the NaBaBi2(PO4)3 standard phase, indicating that Eu3+ ions have no effect on the host structure. Under the excitation of 391 nm wavelength, the emission spectra consisted of four characteristic emission peaks at 595, 617, 656 and 703 nm, respectively. The strongest emission peaking at 617 nm originates from the 5D0 → 7F2 electron transitions of Eu3+ ions. The optimum concentration of Eu3+ ions in NaBaBi2(PO4)3:Eu3+ is 9% concentration. The phosphor exhibits strong absorption capacity in the near-ultraviolet region. The Commission International de I’Eclairage chromaticity coordinates of the NaBaBi2(PO4)3:Eu3+ samples are located in the red region, indicating that the phosphors are suitable red component to applied in near-ultraviolet-based white light-emitting diodes.

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