Structure, optical, and electrical characterization of nanostructured gallium sulfide Ga2S3 thin films for electronic and solar cell applications


Ga2S3 thin films with different thicknesses (32, 60, 100, and 140 nm) were prepared using inert gas condensation technique using Argon gas. The structures of the used powder and films were studied using X-ray diffraction. Observation of the surface topography was carried out using transmission electron microscope, which showed that the grain size increases with film thickness for these studied samples, and diffraction patterns which illustrated that the deposited films have nanocrystalline structure. The optical transmittance, reflectance, and absorbance of these films were measured. It was found that these sample had a direct optical energy gap. This optical energy gap was calculated for these films. This energy gap increased with film thicknesses; on the other hand the Urbach tail values of these samples decreased with film thickness. The electrical resistivity for these films was determined and was found that these values decreased with film thickness.

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