Synthesis and physical characterization of Ni-doped La2O3 for photocatytic application under sunlight


In this paper, Ni was used as a doping element for La2O3 thin films using the spray pyrolysis method. First, the structural properties of obtained films were investigated by means of X-ray diffraction technique and Raman Spectroscopy. Furthermore, the morphological properties were examined by the scanning electron microscopy. Second, the optical properties of these films were examined using the photoluminescence measurements. Moreover, the electrical properties of Ni-doped La2O3 thin films are discussed. Finally, the photocatalytic effects were investigated by controlling the degradation of the both pollutants: methylene blue and methylene orange under sunlight. The La2O3 thin film-doped with Ni could enhance the photocatalysts properties of the film for wastewater treatment under sunlight since a cost-effective chemical process was used to prepare such doped films.

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The authors extend their appreciation to the Deanship of Scientific Research at Jouf University for funding this work through research Grant No. (DSR2020-03-391).

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