A lead-free perovskite Bi1/2(Na1/4Li1/4)TiO3: investigation on structural, electrical properties, and device application


In the present era, global challenges are focused to meet the security of energy due to excessive energy demands. The coal and petroleum-based fossil fuels are soon fading out due to current energy-generating units; hence, the energy from renewable energy sources becomes an alternative medium and new scientific investment. Research is carried out to boost the efficiency of these devices. The multifunctional materials having superior properties are the need of the hour to provide insight towards producing low-cost energy devices. A perovskite having the chemical formula Bi1/2(Na1/4Li1/4)TiO3 (BNLTO) is synthesized using a solid-state reaction. The standard techniques were used to investigate the structural and electrical characterizations at various experimental conditions. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) spectra elucidated the presence of an orthorhombic symmetry in the synthesized sample. The high dielectric constant and low loss factor is evolved at various frequencies and temperatures. The Nyquist plot depicts the association of the combined effect of grain and grain boundary. The activation energies evaluated from the loss and modulus spectrum are noted as ~ 1.26 eV and 0.81 eV, respectively. The charge carriers contribute to the conduction mechanism at high temperature. Finally, a poled piezoelectric energy harvester is fabricated to check its capabilities for the conversion of small impact from hand palm into electrical energy.

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