The synthesis of high photocatalytic activity BiOBr nanosheets with dominant exposed (010) facets


The BiOBr nanosheets were prepared via a UV irradiation-assisted synthesis method. The UV irradiation leads to the change of atomic chemical environment and surface electron density during the synthetic process, which is conductive to broadening the visible absorption region and improving specific surface area. In addition, the solvent also plays a key role on the crystal size of catalysts. The ethanol is facilitated to obtain smaller particles. It is more easily formed the oxygen vacancy on the (010) facets via the UV irradiation. Analysis shows that all samples prepared via UV light and ethanol display the highest photoactivity. The enhanced performance is attributed to the synergistic effect between UV irradiation-assisted synthesis and alcohol solvent, which is favor for exposing dominant (010) facets, larger specific surface area wider visible absorption region, and more oxygen vacancy.

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This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 21663006, 21763003), Nature Science Foundation of Guangxi Province (Grant No. 2018GXNSFAA050095), and Opening Project of Guangxi Key Laboratory of Green Processing of Sugar Resources (Grant No. GXTZY201806).

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