Impact of hydrogenation and annealing on CdSe/ZnS thin film for solar cell application


This research paper reports the importance of CdSe/ZnS thin film in improving optical and electrical properties. These thin films were prepared on a deeply cleaned glass substrate using vacuum thermal evaporation under the pressure of 10–5 torr. These films were arranged into a quartz glass tube for rapid thermal annealing (RTA) at 60 and 120 s using a 500Watt halogen lamp. These films were also arranged in a hydrogen gas chamber at 100psi for hydrogenation. The Thermoelectric properties (TEP) and the Seebeck coefficient increase with increasing annealing time, also with introducing hydrogenation it was growing a lot. The UV–VIS–NIR spectrometer has been used to investigate diversity in the energy band gap by tuning annealing and hydrogenation in the range 300–850 nm. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) have been taken in scope 10° ≤ 2θ ≤ 80°, its outcome conform simple cubic structure with lattice parameter 5.4 and 5.04 Å for CdSe and ZnS, respectively. The scanning electron microscope (SEM) results investigate that the crystallinity and grain size increase with annealing time. This work is essential in thin film optical devices and solar cell applications.

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Mr. Hemant Kumar is thankful to the UGC for providing him a fellowship for this research work and the authors are also thankful to the HOD physics for providing experimental facilities in their department such as UV–VIS–NIR.

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