Role of Nd3+ ions in TeO2–V2O5–(B2O3/Nd2O3) glasses: structural, optical, and thermal characterization


In this study, undoped and Nd2O3-doped TeO2–V2O5–B2O3 oxide glasses were synthesized and their characterizations were performed. Physical parameters belonging to the glass series having four samples prepared with melt-quenching technique were determined and the changes in structural, thermal, and optical properties with Nd2O3 doping were examined. Density, molar volume, molar refractivity, and metallization criterion values were calculated as physical parameters. Structural properties were examined with XRD and FTIR, and as a result of these examinations, the structure was found to be amorphous and the glass network was observed to consist of TeO4, TeO3, BO3, and BO4 structural units with the help of absorption spectrum within the region of 400–1500 cm−1, and it was also understood that conversions occurred in these structural units with doping. It was determined with DSC thermograms that changes occurred in thermal data with Nd2O3 doping. Transmittance and absorption spectra were used in optical characterization. Seven characteristic absorption bands were found in this glass structure belonging to Nd within the visible region. Moreover, optical band gap, Urbach energy, and refractive index values according to absorption edge were calculated and changes in these novel synthesized glasses due to doping were examined and commented in detail. Data arising as a result of glass characterization were concluded to be due to structural changes in the glass network depending upon the Nd2O3 concentration in glasses and Nd2O3 was present within the structure as the modifier.

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I would like to thank U.Gökhan İssever, PhD for his help in synthesis and shaping of samples of this research and also for taking some of the measurements.

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