Co-firing compatibility of LTCC hetero-laminates with low and middle permittivity


This study aimed at developing a good co-firing compatibility between the completely self-developed low-εr and middle-εr LTCC materials. To evaluate the co-firing results, the sintering dynamics, shrinkage behavior, chemical compatibility, three-dimensional contour, and microstructure of the co-fired composites were analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively. The results showed that the CaTiO3-TiO2 ceramic mixed with 50 wt% glass additives tended to have a good co-firing compatibility with low-εr composite, especially when the particle size of the CaTiO3–TiO2 ceramic was controlled at 3.04 µm. The composite co-fired with low-εr material at 875 °C for 20 min presented the best co-firing matching characteristic with an ideal chemical compatibility and the smallest height difference (64.73 µm) along the diameter of the samples. Besides, the sintering dynamics process of the hetero-laminates was simulated for a better understanding of the co-firing process. The simulated schematic was adopted to interpret the co-firing behavior of the hetero-laminates and the crucial factors in achieving a good co-firing compatibility.

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This research was financed by the Key R&D project of Shandong Province (Public welfare projects, 2017GGX20126), the Project of Shandong Province Higher Educational Science and Technology Program (J17KA021) and the Young Teacher Development Support Plan of Shandong University of Technology (201418).

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