Effect of annealing conditions on the superconducting properties of nano-sized metallic Au-added Bi1.8Sr2Au0.2Ca1.1Cu2.1Oy (Bi-2212) ceramics


In this study, the effects of annealing process on the phase formation and electrical and magnetic properties of nano-sized metallic Au-added Bi-2212 ceramics have been investigated. The Bi1.8Sr2Au0.2Ca1.1Cu2.1Oy including x = 0.2 Au content as starting composition was chosen due to the improved transport properties in the Bi-2212 system, as known in the literature. The samples for the post-annealing technique were exposed at different dwell times (10 m, 30 m, 1 h, and 2.5 h) at a fixed temperature of 870 °C after the application of normal heat treatment of 850 °C for 120 h. The XRD diagrams clearly indicate that a significant part of the phases in all the samples belongs to Bi-2212 phase. SEM results show that all the samples have randomly oriented grain forms as the main characteristic of applied solid-state method. In all cases, the post-annealed samples showed better superconducting properties of Bi-2212 phase, indicating that the increases in the dwell time positively affect its granular polycrystalline character such as inter-connectivity of the grains, the nucleation, and growth of the Bi-2212 phase. Moreover, the sample with dwell time of 2.5 h at 870 °C reveals significant enhancement in the M–H loops compared to the sample with less dwell time, despite the fact that the Bi-2212 phase can easily decompose into secondary phases such as Cu-free and Bi-free due to thermodynamic instabilities of Bi-2212 at temperatures above 860 °C. Finally, the intragranular critical current density values (Jc) have been obtained by using the data from M-H measurements according to the critical Bean model. It has been found that the Jc value (16.5 × 104 A/cm2 in 0.15 T at 15 K) of the sample in the dwell time of 2.5 h at 870 °C is higher than that of the sample (13.4 × 104 A/cm2 in 0.15 T at 10 K) with the same starting composition reported in the literature.

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All samples have been prepared in the Physics Laboratory in Tarsus University in Turkey. SEM and XRD measurements have been made in Nanotechnology Research Center (ERNAM) in the Erciyes University and in the MEİTAM Central Laboratory in Mersin University, respectively. The other measurements in this study have been made in the METU Central Laboratory in Middle East Technical University in Ankara in Turkey.

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