Highly efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting from P-doped α-Fe2O3 nanorod/BiVO4 heterojunction array


We report the fabrication of P-doped α-Fe2O3 nanorod/BiVO4 heterojunction photoelectrode for photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting. The heterojunction photoelectrode is fabricated by combining methods of hydrothermal deposition, wet impregnation and metal organic decomposition. The structure and PEC activity of the photoelectrode are systemically studied. This heterojunction photoelectrode exhibits a surprising photocurrent density of 1.17 mA/cm2 at 0.8 V vs. Ag/AgCl, which is approximately 3.55 times higher than that of the pristine α-Fe2O3. The photoconversion efficiency is 9.58 times higher than α-Fe2O3 and the onset potential has an obvious negative shift of 450 mV compared to the α-Fe2O3 for the heterojunction photoelectrode. The significant enhancement of PEC water splitting performance is attributed to the heterojunction structure and the synergistic effects of P-doping, which contributes to expediting electron and hole transfer and reducing carriers recombination. This novel design may provide an efficient way to developing efficient heterojunction photoelectrodes for practical PEC application.

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This work was supported by the Program for Talent Scientific Research Fund of LSHU (No. 2015XJJ-003), Education Department of Liaoning Province Basic Research Project (No. L2017LQN029).

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