Formation of Li3B7O12 and O2BF4 phases from glass system of 0.5LiF-0.5B2O3 containing P2O5 and their structural properties


Borate glass containing lithium fluoride doped with different ratios of phosphate units was produced by conventional melting–annealing technique. Moreover, the produced samples were subjected to two steps of controlled heat treatment in order to achieve the glass–ceramic derivatives (nucleation and crystal growth regimes). Thermal expansion technique revealed that the nucleation temperature for the studied glasses is around 340 °C and the softening temperature (crystal growth) is around 432 °C to form glass–ceramic samples. Li3B7O12 phase was observed as primary phase for the glass–ceramic samples. Also, other crystalline phases such as LiPO3 and O2BF4 were formed. Structural changes of both of the glass and the glass–ceramics were investigated through the Fourier transform infrared technique (FTIR). The active range in the FTIR which distinguishes the glass and the crystalized sample is lying from 400 to 1250 cm−1. The presence of LiF in B2O3 network changes the characteristic units of BO3 and BO4 units into BO2F and BO3F units, respectively.

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